🎓Amyia Caple - Class of 2021 Senior Spotlight

Amyia “Mya” Caple, is the daughter of Josetta Young and William Caple.  She was born in Luverne, Alabama on June 5, 2003.  Her siblings are Amber Griffin (27), Howard Louis Young Jr. (26), Jasiah Caple (20), and Ameia Caple (17).  Classes Amyia took this year included Government, Chorus, Language Arts, Sociology, and Native American Studies.  While in high school, she participated in four years of choir.  If Amyia could start high school over, she would participate in basketball.  In her spare time, Amyia enjoys reading, singing, watching TV, board games, sleeping, and hanging out with her family. A favorite childhood memory was living on the farm.  Amyia’s greatest strength is working under pressure, while her greatest weakness is frustration.  She wants to be remembered for her bluntness and her most interesting aspect is her personality.  Amyia’s accomplishment she is most proud of is graduating.  Her favorite movie is The Host, favorite TV show is The Vampire Diaries, and favorite Song/Musical Group is The Singer-Owl City.  Amyia’s favorite class is Chorus and her favorite teacher is Ms. Woodard.  Her most memorable moment at school was her Skip Day, because she got to hang out with friends outside of school.  Amyia’s most embarrassing moment was when she was playing volleyball, and when she went to hit the ball it went into the crowd.  She yelled “Oops!” and everyone laughed at her.  She will miss having something to wake up for when she leaves high school.  If a teacher would describe Amyia, they would say that she is loud, blunt, expressive, funny, and caring.  Her goal for the future is to be a flight attendant at Sky West.  Friends would describe Amyia as blunt and funny. 


Congratulations Amyia on your graduation & best wishes!


Photo courtesy of Tammie Olson Photography