🎓Walker Hubers - Class of 2021 Senior Spotlight

Walker (AKA Walker Texas Ranger) Hubers is the son of Stephanie and Duane Hubers.  He was born May 7, 2002 in Armour, SD and has a sister, Kiera (22).  Classes Walker took this year was Government, Language Arts, Advanced PE, and Sociology.  While in high school, he participated in basketball, football, and golf.  If Walker could start high school over, he would participate in everything but wrestling.  In his spare time, Walker enjoys golf and driving.  A favorite childhood memory was when Walker would play basketball and golf with friends.  Walker’s greatest strength is coming up with ideas, while his greatest weakness is talking out loud in front of people.  He wants to be remembered for being there for people and his most interesting aspect is his eyes & height.  Walker’s accomplishment he is most proud of is buying a Mustang.  His favorite movie is Avatar, while his favorite TV show is Futurama.  Walker’s favorite teacher is Mrs. Knudsen. Walker’s inspiration is his dad because he is outgoing & a hard worker.  His most memorable moment at school was slapping Aaron in the face with ham.  Walker’s most embarrassing moment was when he was playing games in front of the school.  He will miss the teachers and students when he leaves high school.  If Walker could start high school over, he would be more popular and play more sports.  If a teacher would describe Walker, they would say that is quiet, likes to procrastinate, and likes to watch YouTube.  Friends would describe Walker as easy to talk to and a hard worker.  His goal for the future is to own a successful business. 


Congratulations Walker on your graduation & best wishes!


Photo courtesy of Tammie Olson Photography