🎓Aaron Hummel - Class of 2021 Senior Spotlight

Aaron “Stumpy” Hummel is the son of Tami and Bill Hummel.  He was born October 18, 2002 in Sioux City.   His siblings are Derek (38), Avri (36), and Luke (22).  Classes Aaron took this year was Dual Credit Intro to Astronomy and Intro to Literature.  While in high school, he participated in 3 years of golf, 1 year of track, 4 years of football, and 4 years of basketball.  In his spare time, Aaron enjoys playing video games and basketball.  A favorite childhood memory was when he would play football at the park.  Aaron’s greatest strength is his communications skills and his leadership, while his greatest weakness is procrastination.  He wants to be remembered for having fun & his goofiness, and his most interesting aspect is he can quote movies.  Aaron’s accomplishment he is most proud of is being football captain, scholar of the week, and NHS President.  His favorite movie is Maze Runner, while his favorite TV show is South Park.  Aaron’s favorite class is Science and his favorite teacher is Mrs. Maynard. Aaron’s inspiration is his dad because he pushed him a lot along the way and inspired Aaron to do great things.  His most memorable moment at school was becoming the captain of the football team.  Aaron’s most embarrassing moment was when he was playing hungry hippos in a school assembly.  He will miss the sports most when he leaves high school.  If a teacher would describe Aaron, they would say that he is hard working, responsible, and always takes care of his work.  Friends would describe Aaron as nice to people and funny.  His goal for the future is to go to USD for Business and eventually start up his own business.  


Congratulations Aaron on your graduation & best wishes!


Photo courtesy of Katie Swatek Photography