🎓Alsace Kranig - Class of 2021 Senior Spotlight

Alsace “Sace” Kranig is the daughter of Shannon and Theodore Kranig.  She was born November 6, 2002 in Breckenridge, MN.  Her siblings are Amaya (17), Alysabeth (13), Theodore Jr (15), Samuel (14), Alita (4), Alex (3), and Dennis (2).  Classes Alsace took this year included Sociology, Government, Personal Finance, English 12, English 10, Psychology, Algebra 2, and PE.  While in high school, she participated in JAG.  If Alsace could start high school over, she would participate in volleyball.  In her spare time, she enjoys playing video games and hanging out with family & friends. A favorite childhood memory was the holidays and birthdays.  Alsace’s greatest strength is being loyal to her friends, while her greatest weakness is procrastination.  She wants to be remembered for being nice & friendly to others, and her most interesting aspect is living in many different places.  Alsace’s accomplishment she is most proud of is graduating high school.  Her favorite movie is The Shining, favorite TV show is American Horror Story, and favorite Song/Musical Group is High Enough-Shoreline Mafia.  Alsace’s favorite class is Nutrition & Wellness and her favorite teacher is Mrs. Petrik.  Her most memorable moment at school was her first day at Andes Central.  She will miss her friends most when she graduates high school.  If Alsace could start high school over, she would be involved in more activities.  If a teacher would describe Alsace, they would say that she is a very nice young lady.  Friends would describe Alsace as goofy, friendly, and good at girly things.  Her goal for the future is to go to college after a year of working/saving up. 


Congratulations Alsace on your graduation & best wishes!


Photo courtesy of Leah Insko Photography