🎓Cam'Ron Thin Elk - Class of 2021 Senior Spotlight

Cam’Ron “Killa Cam” or “Cam” Thin Elk is the son of Celeste Fischer and Brandon Thin Elk.  He was born January 11, 2003 in Wagner, SD.   His siblings are Brandon Thin Elk (15), Jeremy Drapeaux (13), Jynelle Drapeaux (12), Alan Fischer (12), Zachery Fischer-Walz (8), and Cam’raya Fischer (2).  Classes Cam’Ron took this year was Agriculture Mechanics and Business Math.  While in high school, he participated in basketball and football.  If Cam’Ron could start high school over, he would definitely play varsity football for Andes Central School.  In his spare time, Cam’Ron enjoys playing video games, or venturing outside with friends.  A favorite childhood memory was when he won the I-90 League Championship for baseball and when his friends would come over & they would hang out with a group of kids.  Cam’Ron’s greatest strength is that he is easily approachable & making people laugh, while his greatest weakness is being lazy & tending to slack a lot.  He wants to be remembered for always having a positive attitude, and his most interesting aspect is his personality, as Cam’Ron gets along with everyone & makes them laugh.  Cam’Ron’s accomplishment he is most proud of is getting on the “A” Honor Roll, as well as applying & getting accepted into college.  His favorite movie is Shawshank Redemption, favorite TV show is Narcos, and favorite song/musical group is Confessions of a Dangerous Mind-Logic.  Cam’Ron’s favorite class is Government and his favorite teacher is Mrs. Knudsen. Cam’Ron’s inspiration is his mother, because no matter how many times she gets knocked down, she always gets back up.  His most memorable moment at school was all of the holiday parties in middle school.  Playing sports and coming to school to hang out with classmates is what he will miss most about high school.  If Cam’Ron could start school over, he would try harder his freshman year & care more about school.  If a teacher would describe Cam’Ron, they would say that he can walk into a room and light it up, make people smile & laugh.  He is also hard-working & goal driven.  His goal for the future is to graduate from MTI, make a lot of money, and be happy with life.


Congratulations Cam’Ron on your graduation & best wishes!


Photo courtesy of Jolynn Tronvold