🎓Kea'ona Doren - Class of 2021 Senior Spotlight

Kea’ona Doren is the daughter of Suzie and Henry Romero.  She was born September 5, 2002 in Yankton, SD.  Her siblings are Tre’zen Doren (22), Ona’ka Doren (15), Henry Romero (9), Cheryl Romero (8), Charlee Romero (8), and Andreas Romero (1).  Classes Kea’ona took this year included Personal Finance, Government, Language Arts, Human Development, Ag Mechanics, Nutrition and Wellness, and Psychology.  While in high school, she participated in Volleyball, Basketball Cheer, FCCLA, Band & JAG.  If Kea’ona could start high school over, she would participate in basketball.  In her spare time, Kea’ona enjoys watching Netflix and sleeping. A favorite childhood memory was when Kea’ona & her cousins would hang out.  Kea’ona’s greatest strength is working under pressure, while her greatest weakness is procrastination.  She wants to be remembered for making people laugh and her most interesting aspect is how she motivates others.  Kea’ona’s accomplishment she is most proud of is making it through high school and basic training.  Her favorite TV show is Grey’s Anatomy and favorite Song/Musical Group is 3:15 by Bazzi.  Kea’ona’s favorite class is Language Arts and her favorite teacher is Mr. Johnson.  Her most memorable moment at school was dancing in Mrs. Maynard’s class with Ameia Caple.  Kea’ona’s most embarrassing moment was when she dressed up as Justin Bieber and sang in front of the school for a Homecoming Skit.  She will miss her classmates and her friend DJ when she leaves high school.  If Kea’ona could start high school over, she would not procrastinate, because she always gets things done last.  If a teacher would describe Kea’ona, they would say that she likes to talk a lot.  Friends would describe Kea’ona as funny and outgoing.  Her goal for the future is to become a Dental Assistant. 


Congratulations Kea’ona on your graduation & best wishes!


Photo courtesy of Leah Insko Photography